Rates of food allergy diagnosis in children are increasing exponentially in developed countries; in Melbourne for example, 20% sensitisation and a 10% challenge in 12 month old infants were confirmed (Osborne et al., 2011). As allergy services are stretched, patients are seen by different allergy practitioners, thus significantly challenging uninterruptible allergy care. Specific problems include prolonged waiting times for food allergy reviews; and the lack of a clear and comprehensive documentation of serial allergy test results over time in a consistent format. To address these issues this study will develop an electronic solution for use by both allergists and their patients to ensure prospective accurate and secure collection of skin prick test [SPT] or serum specific IgE [ssIgE] test data for long term follow-up of patients with food allergy, and applying intelligent tools and techniques to the developed database to enhance the ongoing care of children with allergies including developing tailored preventative strategies.