Although interorganisational information systems (IOIS) have existed as study object for a long time, much research into IOIS remains sector-specific. By employing a multisector dataset,

this paper aims to contribute to the cross-sectoral analysis of IOIS. We formulate four hypotheses on IOIS maturity based on theory concerning supply chain integration and business/IT-alignment, taking both ‘IT’ and ‘organisation’, and ‘supply’ and ‘demand’ into account. This leads to the twofold research question (i) how IOIS maturity of organisations can be measured in a generic manner, and (ii) if supply chain integration and business/IT-alignment are related as similar determinants of IOIS maturity. We empirically test our hypotheses on survey data collected among a group (n=74) of Dutch organisations, diverse in terms of industry and size. Correlation analysis confirms all four hypotheses. This indicates that business/IT-alignment and supply chain integration are indeed related.