A novel omnichannel service concept was developed and piloted in the context of everyday retail service environment. A starting point for the new service was a need to provide the customers of a small rural retail store with wider selection of goods through integrating web shopping interface to the store’s service processes. One of the driving design principles was to achieve a seamless service experience by a fusion of web and physical retail channels. The findings from the case study were analysed from the viewpoint of store customers and personnel. Over half of the interviewed customers stated they were likely to use the novel retail service in the future. Previous experience with online shopping appeared to have a direct, positive effect on the customers’ willingness to adopt the service into use. The hands-on demonstration was proved to be an advantageous way for introducing the novel service to potential users. Personnel’s attitudes towards the service concept were in general enthusiastic and positive; however the service also invoked some initial concerns mostly related to additional work load. The personnel also clearly appreciated the positive effects of the new service on the store and customers.