While vaccines in general have eliminated many infectious diseases in most of the Western World and beyond, levels of vaccination coverage, personal vaccination documentation and motivation for vaccination are still variable and this variability leads to a range of problems. In this paper, these problems are identified and analyzed from a process-oriented point of view. The focus for this analysis is the international certificate of vaccination; a paper based document (short: vaccination card). By identifying gaps and challenges in the existing vaccination process in Germany, possible alternatives were identified. Literature research and studies of related work considering electronic vaccination card applications form the foundation for a new concept for a vaccination card application for mobile devices. A catalogue of requirements for an electronic vaccination card application is identified and presented. Based on this requirements catalogue, the concept for an application was developed and prototypically implemented. Finally, further development of the concept and prototype, as part of a continuous design research cycles are discussed. This work should be regarded as research in progress and presents just one aspect of a wider mobile health care research program.