Efficient and effective knowledge management plays an increasingly important role in knowledge intensive organizations. That’s because on the one hand knowledge workers need more and more knowledge to fulfil their daily work and on the other hand because the ad hoc part of a process increases. In addition the knowledge acquisition for the knowledge workers is increasingly catchier because of the growing information overload and the heterogeneity of the systems in use. Therefore the vision of the research project DYONIPOS (DYnamic Ontology based Integrated Process OptimiSation) is to support the knowledge workers automatically with the required knowledge just in time, while avoiding additional work and violations of the knowledge worker’s privacy. Furthermore DYONIPOS will support knowledge organizations by developing an organizational knowledge data base, supporting the management of the knowledge data base and visualizing of topic hierarchies and landscapes. DYONIPOS sets up a context sensitive, intelligent and agile assistant based on semantic and generic knowledge discovery technologies [Rath, A. Kröll, M. Andrews, K., Lindstaedt, S., Granitzer, M., Tochtermann, K., (2006)].

This article is structured as follows: Section 1 addresses the relation between the applied approach and the challenge in e-Government and summarizes the aims of the research project DYONIPOS. In Section 2 the semantic and knowledge discovery technologies used are presented. The paper concludes with the presentation of the use-case project, showing current results of the tests and screenshots of the updated DYONIPOS application.