In this article an eBusiness Lab of Arcada Polytechnic in Helsinki Finland is presented and discussed. The purpose of the article is to discuss the development, the conceptual approach and the practical use of the eBusiness Lab. We first give a background to what the eBusiness Lab is and why it was developed. The eBusiness Lab is based on the core competences of the Business Administration programme at Arcada. The core competence areas are logistics, accounting and marketing. The framework within which we started to plan this laboratory is our distribution approach that is presented in the article. The eBusiness Lab is then discussed from two main perspectives. First the perspective of how the lab is integrated in the education in our business administration programme. Second from the perspective of how the eBusiness Lab is integrated in the research and development work at ARBIT, “Applied Research in Business and IT”. Finally in the article we propose some tentative ideas of how the eBusiness Lab could be developed in the future.