This Case Study investigates the need of independent booksellers to transfer some of their existing business on-line in order to meet customer demands and competitive pressure. The growth of eCommerce has had an impact on rurally located independent booksellers who can no longer rely on the loyalty of their customer to travel to them which has had a subsequent effect on the sustainability of the economy. This research concentrates on establishing existing customer demographic behaviour towards purchasing books online, defining the on-line customer segmentation and establishing whether they recognise the Internet as an effective tool with which to purchase books. It also evaluate which aspects of the marketing mix known as the 7Ps, customers perceive as significant (or not significant) and investigate how competitors are dealing with the impact of the Internet on their business. The results of this Case Study show that in order to offer eValue to their customers and maintain competitive advantage, the booksellers will need to offer the convenience of purchasing on-line, whilst concentrating on offering excellent customer service, which will include a user friendly Web site.