Postal address management in e-commerce is the process of ensuring that all name and postal address data held by online businesses is up-to-date, accurate, easy-to-use and, probably most important, applicable in international business processes. There are many problems associated with name and address data in e-commerce checkout procedures. Determining whether shipping and billing addresses are valid is now a major business inhibitor. The xNAL based method of address management presented in this paper at the point of interaction with the customer (checkout procedure on website or call-center) virtually eliminates the possibility of entering wrong name and address data - all name and address data are validated against data supplied by the national postal authorities. On the other side, this semantic Web-ready solution provides the information available over the Web in a way understandable not only by humans but by computers too; this will allow a broad range of e-commerce and postal solutions to use the Web not only for displaying information as today do, but for more “intelligent” purposes, supporting sharing and reusing data across different applications and businesses, like track-andtrace or direct mail.