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Research Paper


Process mining is an active research domain and has been applied to understand and improve business processes. While significant research has been conducted on the development and improvement of algorithms, evidence on the application of process mining in organizations has been far more limited. In particular, there is limited understanding of the opportunities and challenges of using process mining in organizations. Such an understanding has the potential to guide research by highlighting barriers for process mining adoption and, thus, can contribute to successful process mining initiatives in practice. In this respect, the paper provides a holistic view of opportunities and challenges for process mining in organizations identified in a Delphi study with 40 international experts from academia and industry. Besides proposing a set of 30 opportunities and 32 challenges, the paper conveys insights into the comparative relevance of individual items, as well as differences in the perceived relevance between academics and practitioners. Therefore, the study contributes to the future development of process mining, both as a research field and regarding its application in organizations.