Business & Information Systems Engineering

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Research Paper


Over 90 percent of companies are estimated
to use IT Service Management
(ITSM) frameworks, yet there is little research
on their benefits to the Information
Technology (IT) department and
the business units. An international survey
of 491 firms was conducted to assess
the benefits of the IT Infrastructure
Library (ITIL), the de-facto ITSM framework,
specifically on how these benefits
evolve as companies increase their
adoption of the ITIL model. Also studied
are the perception of challenges of
the implementation and the number of
ITIL processes implemented in relation
to the progress of the adoption of ITIL.
Results indicate that as the maturity of
implementation increases, the perception
of challenges decreases. Findings
also showthat as thematurity of implementation
increases, the number of realized
benefits increases, as well as the
number of implemented ITIL processes.
Implications for practitioners and researchers
are also discussed.