Track Chairs
Russell Torres,
Parisa Aasi,
Vess Johnson,
Jack Becker,

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Friday, August 16th

Advances in Demand Forecasting: A Systematic Review of Methods, The Role of AI, and Data Strategies in Manufacturing

Benedict Bender, University of Potsdam
Sina Bretschneider, University of Potsdam
Jasmin Fattah-Weil, University of Potsdam

Analyzing Multidimensional Maturity Models in Digital Transformation Research

Alexander Sprengel, Aalen University
Patrick Sven Ulrich, Aalen University
Robert Rieg, Aalen University

Exploring the Impact of Blockchain Integration on Inventory Accuracy and Supply Chain Efficiency – A Literature Review

Aravindh Sekar, Dakota State University
Deb Tech, Dakota State University
Cherie Bakker Noteboom, Dakota State University

Exploring the Outsourcing Strategies of Freelancers in Online Labor Platforms

Sambit Tripathi, Portland State University
Prasanna Karhade, CUHK Business School, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Amit V. Deokar, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Firm Knowledge Re-invigoration: Coping with Information Overload and the Long-Term Value of Blockchain Investment Announcements

Daniel N. Treku, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Fostering Distributed Technological Innovation and Strategic Value Co-Creation through Cultural and Social Alignment: A Conceptual Model

Jeremie Katembo Kavota, University of Quebec at Montreal
Daniel Tomiuk, university of quebec at montreal
Mukesh Srivastava, University of Mary Washington

Human Interaction or Capability? An empirical analysis of Alignment at Process Level

Roseline C. Igah, Oklahoma State University
Corey Baham, Oklahoma State University

Impact of Big Data Analytics on Business Performance: A systematic Literature Review

Pouya Ataei, Auckland University of Technology
Sri Regula, Auckland University of Technology
Christian Haertel, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
Daniel Staegemann, Otto-von-Guericke University

Is Quantum Computing the Bitcoin Terminator?

Zhen Li, Albion College
Qi Liao, Central Michigan University

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Enable Competitive Actions

Magno Queiroz, Florida Atlantic University
Abhijith Anand, University of Arkansas
Aaron Baird, Georgia State University

Optimizing Supply Chain Resilience: AI-Capabilities and Data-Driven Culture

Mohammad A.K Alsmairat, American university in the Emirates
A.Mohammed Abubakar, American University in the Emirates

Organizational Interest in Artificial Intelligence: Investments, Integration, and Outcomes

Adriana Sun, University of North Texas
Russell Torres, University of North Texas

Unboxing BA Use to Enhance Decision-Making Effectiveness – Role of Managerial Capabilities

Ghiyoung Im, U of Louisville
Sunyoung Cho, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Claris Yee Seung Chung, University of Canterbury

Unveiling the Dynamics of SaaS Freemium Strategies

Pei-fang Hsu, National Tsing Hua University
Shih-Chu Chen, Institute of Service Science, National Tsing Hua University