The Social Inclusion track welcomes relevant empirical and qualitative research, in either completed research or emergent research format, that relates to the mission of SIG Social Inclusion (SIG SI). While research about inclusion spans multiple facets of everyday life, this year we adopt the theme of the conference and call for papers related to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and ethical issues related to the adoption and use of emergent technologies, AI and algorithmic biases, and digital platforms and societal challenges for e-inclusion. In addition, we welcome papers that tackle the general topics of inclusion: the under-representation of gender minorities, race, ethnicities, neurodiversity, and abilities in the IS field, intersectionality of identities (such as ethnicity, gender and socio-economic class), socioeconomic divisions that impact access to or use of technology, designing for the differently-abled, the digital divide, underserved groups in the information society, and a range of topics related to human diversity, and the “haves” and “have nots” in an information society.

Track Chairs
Amy Connolly, James Madison University,
Leigh Mutchler, James Madison University,
Daniel Rush, Boise State University,

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Thursday, August 10th
12:00 AM

A Longitudinal Examination of AI Fairness on Online Labor Markets

Brittany Green, University of Louisville
Manju Ahuja, University of Louisville
Rui Sundrup, University of Louisville

12:00 AM

Controversies' Roots in Digital Business Models—The Case of Academic Publishing

Simon Paul Engert, LMU Munich School of Management

12:00 AM

Designing Culturally Appropriate Hackathons to Increase Data Literacy in Indigenous Communities

Janaina Aniceto, Université Laval
Jacqueline Corbett, Université Laval
Alexander Chung, Université Laval

12:00 AM

Designing Emerging Social Determinants of Health Apps for Novice Digital Health Users

Maria Paula Diaz Campo, Florida International University
Cynthia LeRouge, Florida International University
Kayla Li, Florida International University
Troy A. Stefano, Florida International University
Hilary Ghansah, Florida International University
Gabriela Torres, Florida International University
David Richard Brown, Florida International University

12:00 AM

Examining Underrepresented Communities’ Intention Towards Digital Entrepreneurship: A Dual-Theory Framework

Dessa David, Morgan State University
Xingxing Zu, Morgan State University

12:00 AM

Gratitude with Expectations: Exploring the Role of Restaurant Delivery and Food Availability on Online Customer Reviews During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Atiya Avery, Harbert College of Business
Pei Xu, Auburn University

12:00 AM

ICT for Good: Digital Accessibility in Local Government

Howard Rosenbaum, Indiana University
Michael Shermis, City of Bloomington

12:00 AM

Impact of social influence on continuous use of mobile game applications

Md. Tuhinur Rahman, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Rahul Singh, UNC Greensboro

12:00 AM

Native American Rural Community Digital Divide: Student Insights

Chad Fenner, Dakota State University
Cherie Bakker Noteboom, Dakota State University
Omar El-Gayar, Dakota State University

12:00 AM

Women Mentoring Programs to Reduce the Gender Gap in IT Professions A Literature Review and Critical Reflection

Lisa Theresia Aufschläger, University of Hagen
Kristina Kusanke, University of Hagen
Anne-Katrin Witte, University of Hagen
Jennifer Kendziorra, University of Hagen
Till J. Winkler, University of Hagen

12:00 AM