Meta-research (research on research) is a reflection among Information Systems (IS) scholars on issues surrounding the production of IS research. As such, it is a valuable venue for scholarly discussion within IS. It includes topics like the structure and development of the field, the core and boundaries of the field, field legitimacy, scholar/department/journal/country ranking methods, discussions of research culture and practices, methods for evaluating scholarship, literature reviews, IS methods guideline reviews, as well as novel methods, theories, and debate.

The overall goal of the track is to showcase unique leading edge empirical, theoretical commentary that comprises what we call meta-research. A proper venue for reflexive work has been lacking within the structure of usual tracks at AMCIS. This kind of overview allows the discipline to assess and choose core premises. It is especially important because of the diversity of topic domains that fit into the overall IS scope, which is essentially multidisciplinary in terms of source foundations. The track provides a coherent framing for papers that might be rejected in other tracks for lack of fit, and a place for theoretically diverse and reflexive scholars to share perspectives. It also looks at the discipline as a scholarly culture.

Track Chairs
Michael Cuellar, Georgia Southern University,
Duane Truex, Georgia State University,

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Thursday, August 10th
12:00 AM

A Review of the Literature on Gender and Sexual Minorities and ICT

Jose Ortiz, California State University Los Angeles
arun Aryal, California State University Los Angeles

12:00 AM

Augmenting the Framework for Design Science Research Goals and Evaluation Criteria with Aspects of Society 5.0

Janick Greinacher, Hochschule Heilbronn
Jan-Christoph Nerlich, Hochschule Heilbronn
Thomas Schäffer, Hochschule Heilbronn

12:00 AM

Barriers to the Use of Action Research in Information Systems - A Literature Review

Yannik Langer, Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences
Johannes Bubeck, Heilbronn University of Applied Science
Thomas Schäffer, Hochschule Heilbronn

12:00 AM

Design Principles in Information Systems Research: Trends in Construction and Formulation

Timo Strohmann, Technische Universität Braunschweig
Dominik Siemon, LUT University
Edona Elshan, Institute of Information Management
Ulrich Gnewuch, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

12:00 AM

Digital Transformation: From Traditional IS Theories to Emerging Assemblage

arun Aryal, California State University Los Angeles
REDOUANE EL AMRANI, Audencia Business School
Crystal Wu, California State University, Los Angeles

12:00 AM

Emerging ICT for Sustainable Development. Research Concept of Literature Analysis

Arkadiusz Januszewski, Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology
Dariusz Żółtowski, Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology

12:00 AM

Gamification and Marketing Management: A Literature Review and Future Agenda

Xinyi Yang, Tampere University
Nannan Xi, Tampere University
Hairui Tang, Tampere University
Juho Hamari, Tampere University

12:00 AM

Implications of Axiomatic Theory: I Come to Praise, not Bury, this Approach to Accumulating IS Knowledge Introduced by Lee et. all (2021)

Fred Niederman, Saint Louis University

12:00 AM

Management of IT Costs in the Digital Age – A Literature Review

Constanze Riedinger, Konstanz University of Applied Sciences
Melanie Huber, BITCO³ GmbH
Niculin Prinz, Konstanz University of Applied Sciences
Christopher Rentrop, Konstanz University of Applied Sciences

12:00 AM

Research methods in 30 years of information systems – a bibliometric trend study

Sander Paul Zwanenburg, University of Otago
Mary Tate, Victoria University of Wellington
David Johnstone, Victoria University of Wellington
Boniface Ushaka Adie, Victoria University of Wellington

12:00 AM

Social Media Enabled Social Movements in Information Systems Research: A Lakatos Approach to Review of Literature

Oyebisi Oladeji, University of Houston
Romilla Syed, University of Massachusetts
Leiser Silva, University of Houston

12:00 AM

Using Digital Performance Feedback for Behavior Change: A Review

Carlo Stingl, University of Bamberg

12:00 AM