AMCIS 2022 Proceedings


AMCIS 2022 will acknowledge that developments in information processing and communication technologies have occasioned broad changes to organizations as well as to research and the examination and studies of phenomena in organizations. The changes in systems include the views of the hardware of information systems (from devices for computing to devices enabling information and communication), the software (from being discrete applications to becoming the infrastructure for ubiquitous connections, processing, analytics and decision making) and the data (from being structured to the wide variety of unstructured and structured media content). These changes clearly have occasioned complex transformations in how businesses operate and create value and require significant changes to the practice of academic research as well.

ISBN: 978-1-958200-00-1
Honorary Chair:
Gordan Davis, Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Conference Co-Chairs:
Sue Brown, Ph.D., University of Arizona
Mani Subramani, Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Program Co-Chairs:
Gove Allen, Ph.D., Brigham Young University
K.D. Joshi, Ph.D., University of Nevada Reno
Kevin Scheibe, Ph.D., Iowa State University

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Conference Theme Track - Innovative Research Informing Practice
Core - Cognitive Research in IS
DataEcoSys - Data EcoSystem in Information Systems
LACAIS - Spanish, Portuguese and Latin America
SCUIDT- Strategic and Competitive Uses of Information and Digital Technologies
SIG - Adoption and Diffusion of IT
SIG Agility - Digital Agility and Resilience
SIG ASYS - Accounting Info Systems
SIG CCRIS - Global, International, and Cross Cultural Research in Information Systems
SIG CNOW - Changing Nature of Work with ICT
SIG Culture - Culture in Information Systems
SIG DITE - Digital Innovation, Transformation and Entrepreneurship
SIG DSA - Data Science and Analytics for Decision Support
SIG ED - IS in Education, IS Curriculum, Education and Teaching Cases
SIG EGOV - Digital Government
SIG EntSys - Enterprise System
SIG GlobDev - Global Development
SIG Green - Green IS and Sustainability
SIG GTM - Grounded Theory Methodology
SIG Health - Healthcare Informatics and Health Info Technology
SIG HIC - Human Computer Interaction
SIG - ITProjMgmt IT Project Management
SIG LEAD - IS Leadership and the IT Profession
SIG Meta - Meta Research in Information Systems
SIG ODIS - Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Technologies for Intelligent Systems
SIG OSRA - Organizational Transformation and Information Systems
SIG PHIL - Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology of Digital Innovations and Entrepreneurship
SIG SAND - Systems Analysis and Design
SIG SEC - Information Security and Privacy
SIG Service - Digital Services and Systems for a Human-Centered Future Society
SIG SI - Social Inclusion and Socio-Technical Issues
SIG Social Computing
SIG Sourcing
VCC - Virtual Communities and Collaboration