This track intends to gather researchers and doctoral students who conduct research related to the role of culture in IS. “Culture in IS” refers to at least 4 meanings: national cultures, corporate and organizational culture, Internet culture, and cultural industries. National culture; refers to the effect that national, regional or ethnic cultures may have on the use of information systems, especially online behavior on social media or buying behavior on e-commerce sites. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have provided the infrastructure for multinational businesses, created new cultural connections irrespective of geographic boundaries and distances, and allowed an increasingly mobile global population to be connected and interconnected. “Corporate or organizational culture” refers to the values and beliefs within organizations and how they impact adoption and use of information systems. Turning this around, studies in this area could explore how the adoption of new enterprise systems changes organizational culture. In a less normative meaning, it may also refer to the social capital or the symbolic human capital issues that impact use and investments on technology within companies. Internet culture; is both represented and embodied by the Millennials and Digital Natives generations and how they leverage and interact with Internet and mobile resources differently from other generations, and what impacts this may bring to organizations that wish to attract the digital workforce. Finally, “cultural industries” refers to the study of new industries that are enabled by information systems and technology to promote the diffusion of cultural artifacts and digital products worldwide, pop culture musing being an example.

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Monday, August 10th
12:00 AM

Analysing Citizens’ Inputs in Public Online Open Innovation Platforms

Areej Alqahtani, King Faisal University
Igor Hawryszkiewycz, University of Technology Sydney
Eila Erfani, University of Technology Sydney

12:00 AM

Cultural Changes Resulting from Information System Adoption and Use: A Case Study on New Product Development in the Consumer Food Industry

Angela Liew, The University of Auckland Business School
Lesley A. Gardner, The University of Auckland

12:00 AM

Does Culture Affect the Usage of Digital Disruption Innovations: A Study Using Instagram

Deepika Gopukumar, University of Wisconsin
Mark Srite, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

12:00 AM

The Role of Cultural Factors on Mobile Health Adoption: The Case of Saudi Arabia

Daniel Chandran, University of Technology, Sydney
Nasser Aljohani, University of Technology Sydney

12:00 AM

Towards a Theory of Digital Entrepreneurship Mindset: The Role of Digital Learning and Digital Literacy

Ryan Young, San Diego State University
Elaina Davis, San Diego State University
Kaveh Abhari, San Diego State University
Luke Wahlberg, San Diego State University

12:00 AM

Twitter and the Prediction of Oscar Winners

Colette Therese Malyack, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Krystal M. Hunter, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Starr Roxanne Hiltz, New Jersey Institute of Technology

12:00 AM

Two-Faced Users? Exploring Motivational Taxonomies of Playful Systems

Bastian Kordyaka, University of Siegen
Katharina Jahn, University of Siegen
Sidney Hribersek, University of Siegen
Hans Christian Klein, University of Siegen

12:00 AM