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Thursday, August 10th
12:00 AM

A Workflow Management System for Knowledge Management Initiatives

Ricardo Anderson, University of the West Indies
Gunjan Mansingh, The Uinversity of the West Indies

12:00 AM

Agility as a Performance within Digital Infrastructures

Florian Allwein, London School of Economics and Political Science
Will Venters, LSE

12:00 AM

Experience and Innovation Factory: Adaptation of an Experience Factory Model for a Research and Development Laboratory

Attany Nathaly L. Araújo, Universidade de Brasilia
Keli C. V. S. Borges, Universidade de Brasilia
Sérgio Antonio Andrade de Freitas, Universidade de Brasilia
Edna Dias Canedo, Universidade de Brasilia
Wander Cleber Pereira Da Silva, Universidade de Brasilia

12:00 AM