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Thursday, August 11th
12:00 AM

An SEC 10-K XML Schema Extension to Extract Cyber Security Risks

William Augustine, University at Albany, SUNY
Sanjay Goel, University at Albany, SUNY

12:00 AM

Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Compliance Monitoring in International Supply Chains

Yuxin Wang, Technische Universiteit Delft
Yifu Tian, Technische Universiteit Delft
André Teixeira, Technische Universiteit Delft
Joris Hulstijn, Technische Universiteit Delft
Yao-Hua Tan, TU Delft

12:00 AM

How Different Types of IS Assets Account for Synergy-Enabled Value in Multi-Unit Firms: Mapping of Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators

Markus Mandrella, University of Goettingen
Sebastian Zander, University of Goettingen
Simon Trang, University of Goettingen

12:00 AM

Information Systems for Sustainability Reporting - A State of Practice

Ravi Seethamraju, University of Sydney Business School
Geoff Frost, University of Sydney Business School

12:00 AM

Leading Effect of Social Media for Financial Fraud Disclosure: A Text Mining Based Analytics

Wei Dong, University of Science and Technology of China / City University of Hong Kong
Shaoyi Liao, City University of Hong Kong
Yujing Xu, City University of Hong Kong
Xiaoqian Feng, CityU Shenzhen Research Institute

12:00 AM

Mindful Routines in the Face of Fraud

Max Rohde, University of Auckland
Gabrielle Peko, The University of Auckland
David Sundaram, University of Auckland

12:00 AM