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A Conceptual Model for the Development of a National Cybersecurity Index: An Integrated Framework

Kai Koong, University of Texas-Pan American
Manal Yunis, Lebanese American University

A Mask based approach for Lossless Colour Image Steganography.

Abhinash Jha, LNMIIT
Maheshkumar Kolekar, IIT Patna
Apurva Singh, LNMIIT
Sneha Srivastava, LNMIIT

A Security Behavior Model of Employees in Cyberspace

Wu He, Old Dominion University
Ivan Ash, Old Dominion University
Ling Li, Old Dominion University
Li Xu, Old Dominion University
Mohd Anwar, North Carolina A&T State University
Xiaohong Yuan, North Carolina A&T State University

A Study of the Effect of Privacy Assurance Mechanisms on Self-disclosure in Social Networking Sites from the View of Protection Motivation Theory

Dan Kim, University of North Texas
Mohammadreza Mousavizadeh, University of North Texas
Mohammadreza Mousavizadeh, University of North Texas-College of Business

A Theoretical Model for Customizable Learning/Training to Enhance Individuals’ Systems Security Behavior

Yi Ding, Georgia Gwinnett College
Peter Meso, Georgia Gwinnett College
Shuting Xu, Georgia Gwinnett College

Analyzing Information Security Model for Small-Medium Sized Businesses

Yazan Alshboul, Dakota State University
Kevin Streff, Dakota State University

Beyond Security and Privacy Perception: An Approach to Biometric Authentication Perception Change

Dan Kim, University of North Texas
Obi Ogbanufe, University of North Texas

Big Data LifeCycle: Threats and Security Model

Yazan Alshboul, Dakota State University
Raj Nepali, Dakota State University
Yong Wang, Dakota State University

Communication Privacy Management and Self-Disclosure on Social Media - A Case of Facebook

Anitha Chennamaneni, Texas A& M University - Central Texas
Aakash Taneja, Richard Stockton College

Conceptualizing Information Privacy Concern in Low-Income Countries: an Ethiopian Language Instrument for Social Network Sites Context

Salehu Anteneh, Addis Ababa University
France Belanger, Virginia Tech
Berhanu Borena, Addis Ababa University
Dejene Ejigu, Addis Ababa University

Coping with BYOD Security Threat: From Management Perspective

Zhiling Tu, McMaster University
Yufei Yuan, McMaster University

Detecting malicious short URLs on Twitter

Yazan Alshboul, Dakota State University
Raj Nepali, Dakota State University
Yong Wang, Dakota State University

Does Information Sensitivity Make A Difference? Mobile Applications’ Privacy Statements: A Text Mining Approach

Dan Kim, University of North Texas
Mehrdad Koohikamali, University of North Texas

Economics of Cloud Security

Varghese Jacob, University of Texas at Dallas
Srinivasan Raghunathan, University of Texas at Dallas
Mingwen Yang, University of Texas at Dallas

Employees’ Intended Information Security Behaviour in Real Estate Organisations: a Protection Motivation Perspective

Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, University of South Australia
Alireza Heravi, University of South Australia
Deepa Mani, University of South Australia
Sameera Mubarak, University of South Australia

End-user IT Security Policy Compliance: A Confidence-Building Measures Approach

Emmanuel Ayaburi, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Examining the Role of Privacy in Virtual Migration: The Case of WhatsApp and Threema

Michel Schreiner, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Thomas Hess, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Factors Influencing the Adoption of Cloud Incident Handling Strategy: A Preliminary Study in Malaysia

Nurul Hidayah Ab Rahman, University of South Australia
Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, University of South Australia

Goal Framing as a Persuasive Technique to Promote Safe Behavior in the Domain of Information Security

Glenn Browne, Rawls College of Business Administration, Texas Tech University
Roozmehr Safi, Rawls College of Business Administration, Texas Tech University

Hiding in Plain Sight: Scrubbing Unwanted Information

Charles Wood, Duquesne University

Identifying and measuring the dimensions of risky IT behavior

Arash Negahban, California State University, Chico
John Windsor, University of North Texas

Influence of National Culture on Employees’ Compliance with Information Systems Security (ISS) Policies: Towards ISS Culture in Ethiopian Companies

Tilahun Arage, Addis Ababa University
France Belanger, Virginia Tech
Tibebe Beshah, Addis Ababa University

Information Privacy Assimilation in Organizations – A Neo Institutional Approach

V S Prakash Attili, Infosys
Saji Mathew, IIT Madras
Vijayan Sugumaran, Oakland University

Information Security Investment: Expected Utility Approach with Correlated Information Assets

Sanjaya Mayadunne, Georgia Gwinnett College
SungJune Park, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Information Security: Modeling the Unconscious Mind

Neale Martin, Sublime Behavior
Humayun Zafar, Kennesaw State University

Information Technology Change and the Effects on User Behavior and Cyber Security

Roberto Sandoval, University of Texas at San Antonio

Job Applicants’ Information Privacy-Protective Response: Exploring the Roles of Technology Readiness and Trust

John Drake, East Carolina University
Dianne Hall, Auburn University
Shiwei Sun, Auburn University
Yichuan Wang, Auburn University

Measuring User Satisfaction with IS Security

Wynne Chin, University of Houston
Reza Vaezi, Kennesaw State University
Reza Vaezi, University of Houston

Mind the Threat! A Qualitative Case Study on Information Security Awareness Programs in European Banks

Stefan Bauer, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Katharina Chudzikowski, University of Bath

Mobile Application Installation Influences: Have Mobile Device Users Become Desensitized to Excessive Permission Requests?

Robert Brookshire, University of South Carolina
Mark Harris, University of South Carolina
Karen Patten, University of South Carolina
Elizabeth Regan, University of South Carolina

NSA Revelations of Privacy Breaches: Do Investors Care?

Timo Cziesla, University of Göttingen
Jan Kemper, University of Göttingen
Jan Muntermann, University of Göttingen
Griselda Sinanaj, University of Göttingen

Perceived Utility as a Motivational Factor in Affecting Users’ Decisions to Download and Install Potentially Spyware-Infected Software

RITESH CHUGH, Central Queensland University
Kenneth Howah, Central Queensland University

Phishing Attacks Over Time: A Longitudinal Study

Albert Harris, Appalachian State University
Dave Yates, University of Denver

Privacy Controls and Disclosure Behavior

Edoardo Airoldi, Harvard University
Hasan Cavusoglu, University of British Columbia
Huseyin Cavusoglu, University of Texas at Dallas
Tuan Phan, National University of Singapore

Privacy Protecting Behavior in Social Network Sites

Claus-Peter H. Ernst, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
Jella Pfeiffer, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Franz Rothlauf, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Privacy Risks in Mobile Dating Apps

Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, University of South Australia
Jody Farnden, University of South Australia
Ben Martini, University of South Australia

Screening Job Candidates with Social Media: A Manipulation of Disclosure Requests

John Drake, East Carolina University
Christopher Furner, East Carolina University

Securing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems: Factors and Research Direction

Emmanuel Ayaburi, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Lucia Sobrevinas, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Security Incident Response Criteria: A Practitioner's Perspective

George Grispos, University of Glasgow
William Glisson, University of South Alabama
Tim Storer, University of Glasgow

Societal Factors, Internet Privacy Concerns, and Self-Disclosure: The Case of Social Networking Sites in Saudi Arabia

Tawfiq Alashoor, Georgia State University
Mark Keil, Georgia State University
Mazen Shawosh, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

State Transgression on Electronic Expression: Is it for Real?

Anjali Kaushik, Management Development Institute
Argha Ray, Tata Consultancy Services

The Impact of Technostress on Users’ Responses to Security Warnings: A NeuroIS Study

Bonnie Anderson, Brigham Young University
David Eargle, University of Pittsburgh
Jeffrey Jenkins, Brigham Young University
Brock Kirwan, Brigham Young University
Tony Vance, Brigham Young University

The Information Privacy Concerns at the Organizational Level: An Exploratory Study in the Bank Sector

Gustavo Montesdioca, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)
Marcia Hino, FGV/SP
Antonio Maçada, UFRGS

The Moderating Role of Espoused National Cultural Values on Perceptions of Privacy Assurance Mechanisms

Mirmahdi Darbanhosseiniamirkhiz, Kent State University
Shuyuan Deng, Dakota State University
Dong-Heon Kwak, Kent State University
Greta Polites, Kent State University

The Role of Cognitive Disposition in Deconstructing the Privacy Paradox: A Neuroscience Study

Zareef Mohammed, Nova Southeastern University
Gurvirender Tejay, Nova Southeastern University