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Capitalizing on Social Media Analysis – Insights from an Online Review on Business Models

Andrea Malsbender, ERCIS - University of Muenster
Daniel Beverungen, ERCIS – University of Muenster
Matthias Voigt, ERCIS - University of Muenster
Joerg Becker Prof., ERCIS - University of Muenster

Crowdsourced Idea Generation: The Effect of Exposure to an Original Idea

Kai Wang, Stevens Institute of Technology
Jeffrey V. Nickerson, Stevens Institute of Technology
Yasuaki Sakamoto, Stevens Institute of Technology

Crowdsourcing Software Requirements and Development: A Mechanism-based Exploration of ‘Opensourcing’

Damrongsak Naparat, The University of New South Wales
Patrick Finnegan, The University of New South Wales

Harnessing Anomalous Preferences of Anonymous Users for Lean Information Systems Development

Adarsh Kumar Kakar, Alabama State University

Hidden or Implicit Contextual Factors Influencing User Participation in Online Production Communities

Pujan Ziaie, Technical University of Munich
Helmut Krcmar, Technical university of Munich

Motivation and Innovation in Online Collaborative Community: An Application of Expectancy Theory

Liang Chen, University of Kentucky

Role of Relational Mechanisms in Crowdsourcing Governance: An Interpretive Analysis

Sultana Lubna Alam, University of Canberra
John Campbell, University of Canberra

The Antecedents and Consequences of Sense of Community on Social Networking Sites

Stanislav Mamonov, Graduate Center, The City University of New York

The Antecedents of Community Commitment in Online Communities of Practice

Gregg Greer, Lubbock Christian University
Amit V. Deokar, College of Business and Information Systems, Dakota State University, Madison, SD, United States.

Transcending Knowledge Gaps in Virtual Teams: Social Processes of Rapid Problem-Solving Bounded by Terminology

Caroline Dombrowski, University of Washington - Seattle Campus
Jeffrey Kim, University of Washington - Seattle Campus
Jordan Eschler, University of Washington - Seattle Campus
Wayne Lutters, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Who Reads Corporate Tweets? Network Analysis of Follower Communities

Remko W. Helms, Utrecht University
Karl Werder, Utrecht University

Worker Perception of Quality Assurance Mechanisms in Crowdsourcing and Human Computation Markets

Thimo Schulze, University of Mannheim
Dennis Nordheimer, University of Mannheim
Martin Schader, University of Mannheim