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Are We Using the Right "Paradigms?" Comparing Metaphysical, Sociological and Conceptual Paradigms

Nik R. Hassan, University of Minnesota - Duluth

Breaking out of the Design Science Box: High-Value Impact Through Multidisciplinary Design Science Programs of Research

Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr., University of Arizona
Nathan W. Twyman, University of Arizona
Justin Scott Giboney, University of Arizona

Illuminating Organizing Vision Careers Through Case Studies

E B. Swanson, University of California Los Angeles

Induction And Deduction As Entry Points Into Qualitative Data Analysis: How Can Early Analytical Choices Affect The Theorizing Process?

Liliana Lopez, Western University

Ontological Meta-Analysis and Synthesis

Arkalgud Ramaprasad, University of Miami, University of Illinois at Chicago
Thant Syn, University of Miami

Using the Case Survey Method for Synthesizing Case Study Evidence in Information Systems Research

Marlen C. Jurisch, TU München
Petra Wolf, TU München
Helmut Krcmar, TU München