Virtual Communities and Collaborations


Since the emergence of the first Social Networking Site (SNS) as a new means of communicating with other people, muchresearch has attempted to identify empirically and theoretically the characteristics, history, and impact on humanrelationships of both SNSs and their users. This study identifies SNS users as either persistent or temporary, based on theirintention to continue using SNSs. To test these hypotheses, this study has amended the Expectation Confirmation Model ofIS continuance (ECM-IS) by incorporating Perceived Characteristics of Innovation (PCI) from Diffusion of Innovation(DOI). A total of 158 participants were recruited for this study using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The studyconcludes that SNS user confirmation, PCI, and satisfaction are significant parameters of SNS users’ intention to continueusing SNSs. Research limitations and future research are also discussed.