Information Systems Security and Privacy


There are several small countries adjacent to Russia. One is Estonia on the west and Georgia on the south east. The nationalcomputer network incident in Estonia dated 2007, and Georgia dated 2008 sparkled an rising concern in both Europe Counciland Interpol on the vulnerabilities, integrity and sustainability of any government totally relying on computers and network,especially, opening up the whole national information assets to the global public information network. This paper takes adiscovery journey from the allegation against China Telecom Internet traffic hijacked in April 2010, which later revoked byInvestigation Committee in US Congress, to sparkle the gradual adoption of “METHONTOLOGY”, a special format ofOntology, in North American Internet traffic surveillance and Extensible Messaging Presence Protocol, or XMPP real timecommunication in North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO , to counteract major weaknesses in global Internet structure,says Border Gateway Protocol or BGP Leaking. This distillation of auto ontology exchange evolves shared attack dimensionsfor ongoing cyber warfare incidents. This paper attempts to shrine the rising role of semantic technology in Cyber Securitycradle.