Diffusion of Information Technology


The vision of the Internet of Things (IoT) has sparked considerable efforts in research and development over the past decade.Much of these efforts were driven by applications of RFID technology for monitoring the flow of goods and prominent earlyadopters such as Wal-Mart and Metro Group. Also, the global standards organization GS1 provided a number of wellrecognized specifications that are tailored to monitor objects across organizations.Development of the IoT has certainly benefited from the strong demand for monitoring goods in business applications.However, the dominance of these application scenarios and corresponding standards comes at the risk of neglectingrequirements from other domains. In this paper, we review the focus of existing works. Our contribution is twofold. (1) Usinga systematic literature review, we analyze existing research contributions and identify underrepresented areas. (2) We discussselected approaches in detail and highlight open issues in the covered functionality. The aim of our work is to raise awarenessfor open potentials in the IoT service domain and to direct future research and developments.