Diffusion of Information Technology


User’s attitude is a central construct in IT adoption models. Based on the Theories of Reasoned Action and Planned Behaviorthe affect-based attitude scales adapted by Davis et al. 1989 in the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) have remainedbasically unchanged ever since. However, scientometric results from MISQ and ISR from 1989-2010 resulting in a total of 37articles indicate that 26% of attitude-behavior-relations in IT adoption models are insignificant. This paper represents anattempt to explain and analyze these findings by adding aspects of contemporary social psychology research on attitude anddeveloping a research framework that merges these aspects with IT adoption characteristics. As a result, two propositions aredeveloped containing combinations of adoption characteristics, where attitude is assumed to have a larger impact on usagethan in others. Scientometric data supports the proposition that the attitude-behavior relation is likely to be significant, whenusage is voluntary combined with hedonic IT systems and post-adoption scenarios. This research questions the manner ofadapting the attitude scales applied by Davis et al. and advocates the usage of situation-based scales that incorporate thespecificities of IT adoption in order to reduce the level of insignificance of the attitude construct in IT adoption models.