Virtual Communities and Collaborations


The World Wide Web (WWW) has undergone significant evolution in the past decade. The emerging web 3.0 is characterized by the vision of achieving a balanced integration of services provided by machines and human agents. This is also the logic of ‘crowdservicing’ which has led to the creation of platforms on which new applications and even enterprises can be created, and complex, web-scale problem solving endeavors undertaken by flexibly connecting billions of loosely coupled computational agents or web services as well as human, service provider agents. In this paper, we build on research and development in the growing area of crowdsourcing to develop the concept of crowdservicing. We also present a novel crowdservicing application prototype, OntoAssist, to facilitate ontology evolution as an illustration of the concept. OntoAssist integrates the computational features of an existing search engine with the human computation provided by the crowd of users to find desirable search results.