The Interactive White Board Technology (IWBT) holds many pedagogical promises and aims to elevate teaching to newheights in higher education. This research attempts to unveil many of the issues surrounding this technology. IWBT comeswith a portfolio of redundant hardware components and software solutions that could intelligently facilitate the teachingprocess making it more rich, exciting and interactive. In addition, the touchable smart board adds more functionality andcould encourage student participation and involvement in learning. However, the IWBT is recent and issues emanating fromits use in teaching are unclear. This research takes a more proactive approach in developing different scenario integrating theIWBT in key technical concepts pertaining to different departments in the College of Information Technology. It is believedthat adopting such approach could, at least, eliminate initial expected resistance amongst teachers and students. The researchalso solicits the views of teachers and students about the IWBT. Initial insights suggested that the IWBT could be used inteaching technical courses. However, its full success is contingent upon addressing certain factors highlighted in thisresearch. The research highlights different contributions, contentions and future research areas.