Information Technology Services & Sourcing


The term e-learning subsumes all forms learning where electronic media is used for the presentation and distribution of thecourse content. Although various guidelines and models exist, the development and operation of e-learning offerings hasshown to be a difficult task. Often existing approaches focus on single aspects such as technical details or the content ofteaching, while neglecting other aspects such as level of service requirements. As e-learning offerings are IT-based systemsconsisting of hardware, software, and services that have to be considered from a lifecycle perspective, they exhibit similarcharacteristics as Product Service Systems. We, therefore, suggest designing e-learning offerings from a systems perspective.As a first step, we synthesize a requirements framework for e-learning offerings from the e-learning and PSS literatures. Weenrich the framework with examples from a real-life e-learning offering and argue why the PSS approach is useful for thedesign of e-learning offerings.