Data mining is an emerging field of study in Information Systems programs. The purpose of this tutorial is to provide a hands-on approach on how to utilize SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence platforms to teach a senior level data mining methods class in an Information Systems program. Our intention is to highlight the capabilities of the platform to faculty currently teaching a business intelligence course and are interested in expanding their teaching portfolio to the data mining area with hands-on exercises and projects. The platform allows faculty to focus on teaching the analytical aspects of data mining and the usage of algorithms through practical hands-on demonstrations, homework assignments and projects. As a result, students are expected to gain a conceptual understanding of data mining and the application of data mining algorithms for the purpose of decision support. Such a platform allows faculty to provide a comprehensive coverage of the topic with practical hands-on experience. The availability of this set of tools transforms the role of a student from a programmer of data mining algorithms (doing low level IT) to a business intelligence analyst.