Security and Information Technology

Winston Chong, Essex County College Newark, NJ USA


Learning today has shifted from face-to-face curriculum to distance learning (DL). DL can exist only due to recent advances in technology. This development brings major changes in education and educators take different roles in teaching courses. As the internet offers a great potential for DL, business and engineering schools have been the main adopters of this innovative technology. This paper explores one application of this method using Kolb’s theory. We look at a security course that employs a DL environment and examine how this environment affects learners and educators. We also compare our test results to previous findings in DL. Our findings show that DL is not considered a superior teaching method; on the contrary, in many cases, students reported on technical difficulties working with an on-line system. We conclude that further study and research of DL is warranted in order to determine the long-term benefits of using DL and to address the many challenges DL poses to educators.