Simulator training for enhancing surgical skills learning

Minna Silvennoinen, University of Jyväskylä


New skills requirements alongside traditional teaching techniques have increased the need for surgical operating skills training outside the operating room (OR). Simulator training is increasingly seen as beneficial way of enhancing new skills during the resident’s education. We see that the irregularly offered simulator training skill courses for residents are not a guarantee of durable learning, which needs more systematic and stable implementation. This paper presents a simulator training program aimed at providing video assisted operating skills training for residents in a hospital. The implementation of skills training model is considered from suitable theoretical skills learning standpoint such as constructivism and experiential skills learning, which are well suited for the design process of the computer based skills training curriculum. Additionally the case study of simulator training program is considered from the skills learning and training perspective and initial results are presented. The structured and supervised computer based training on surgical simulator is suggested for effective video assisted operating skills learning.