Data warehouse Approach to HMIS Integration

Chipo Kanjo, University of Oslo
Edem Kwame Kossi, University of Oslo
Christon Moyo, University of Oslo
Jorn Braa, University of Oslo


Rather than a total integration of all vertical programs into one system, integration can be done in an iterative manner, based on the commonality of the different programs. This process continues based on the successful implementation of the initial programs to be integrated. Sometimes integration of systems fail not because of technical reasons alone, but due to a combination of other more complex issues such as institutional, political, and social. In this paper, we present a process of integrating vertical health information systems using data warehouse approach. The incremental integration builds upon communication and relationship which started between the Health Management Information System (HMIS) and Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) Unit and HIV/AIDS Department. We explore how human agency is crucial in IS development and how a linear approach to integration may fail despite a promising start.