The data asset is increasingly becoming one of the top factors in securing organization success. Recognizing the importance of the quality of data, practitioners and researchers have considered for many years ways to improve data quality. Scientists have worked on mathematical and statistical model to introduce constrain based mechanism to prevent data quality problems. Management of the process of data generation has also attracted many researchers. The practical application of most of the proposed approaches is still very limited. Improving data quality with in the development cycle of information system is rarely integrated. Neither process mapping nor data modeling provides sufficient provision to define the required quality that data must conform to. Furthermore, ongoing monitoring of data for quality conformance is not possible without developing cost and time prohibitive data monitoring system. Recognising this limitation and aiming to provide a practical-orient approach, we propose a process centric information system design incorporating data product quality and conformance. In this paper we consider the benefit of a process centric framework for ongoing data quality monitoring.