There has been considerable development in Information Technology (IT) outsourcing during the last two decades. Nowadays, practitioner-related as well as scholarly literature have identified multisourcing as an emerging key strategy. Multisourcing is described as the blending of services from multiple internal and external vendors. Especially in the case of multisourcing the management of relationships is complex. For a certain field of research it is important to have an overview of the existing literature and a common understanding of basic terms. In this article we identify and analyze the body of knowledge in the area of managing multisourcing relationships. We hence conduct a structured literature review based upon an established literature review framework. It can be observed that the current literature lacks depth in terms of management of multisourcing relationships and that only a few articles cover the aspects of multisourcing in detail. Particularly regarding performance management, governance and knowledge management of multisourcing relationships we propose further research. We subsequently deduce a detailed research agenda for future research options.