IT-Enabled Business Process Reengineering of New Product Development: A Capabilities Perspective

S. Balaji, Bentley University
C. Ranganathan, University of Illinois-Chicago


Increasingly, firms across many industries are seeking to improve their new product development process, in order to innovate in the marketplace and achieve competitive advantage. However, following a traditional approach to redesigning the new product development process has led to failures. The purpose of this research-in-progress is to systematically understand how new product development processes could be reengineered through the development and deployment of organizational and IT capabilities. We also seek to understand the interrelationships among these capabilities and how they mutually reinforce each other, through a multi-case study approach to explore the research questions guiding this study. Findings from this study would inform a growing body of literature on new product development and process reengineering, and the role of organizational and IT capabilities in such reengineering efforts.