Delivering quality customer service has emerged as a strategic imperative, one that is increasingly tied to an organizational information system resources, work environment, and capabilities. Drawing upon theories on the IS, organizational behavioral and human psychology at organizational environment, this paper develops a model to investigate the extent to which orgainational environment and operator’s positive psychological traits impacts on their performance in IS delivering customer service. Based on the developed model, this paper hypothesizes how systems satisfaction, and organizational environment mediating through the operator’s psychological perspective influence on their performance. The model is first pilot tested using a total of 51 survey data collected from call center IS of Korea Telecom. This test reveals that constructs are robust and could be used to test the conceptual model and associated hypotheses. Finally, the model would be empirically validated using survey data about call center IS from the same source. Results may shed new light on the assessing operator’s performance associated with organizational IS. The implications of the findings for research and practice are discussed.