The objective of this tutorial is to survey major Web service standards (WSS) in order to develop a taxonomy that will assist adapting organization in identifying individual standards as well as the interrelationships among these standards, and the relevancy of these standards to a particular WS implementation. Since multiple standards exist, a generic taxonomy is constructed first that shows basic functions supported by different standards basically XML and J2EE-based standards. Standards are then mapped into these basic functions which cover single WS or composite WS. Furthermore, the tutorial delineates standards related to internet and intranet based applications, such as e-business, virtual organizations, supply chain, and enterprise computing. Related standards, such as grid and portal are also described. Finally, a WS maturity model is mapped into this taxonomy to assist adapting organizations in charting a direction towards proper progression for optimal and successful deployment of WS projects. This tutorial should assist organizations first to develop an overview of standards associated with WS before embarking on a major WS project.