Information Quality: Impact on Organizational Decision Making Process

Eduardo Gauna, ARGIQ, Buenos Aires


In our academic and business experience, the user of decision-making process has placed emphasis on the true value of information. However, it is very difficult not only to find opinions on the valorization of the different sources and data used but also to identify a few qualities for them. Beginning with the aeronautical system in Argentina, our country, I have presented a paper on the value of information and data, a methodology with categories and dimensions intended to improve the decision-making process and readily understandable to users, pilots and airlines CEOs, The present paper is aimed at establishing a “joint venture”, a proposal to incorporate a management information process to the decision-making process itself, and a methodology for data treatment, with the purpose of improving business goals in public and private organizations. As conclusions, we’ll emphasize the value of information to planning and decision making processes. At the same time, considering the different organizational cultures, the CEOs will be able to adapt a methodology for information management and to satisfy the real needs of their own organizations via decision making processes.