CIOs and CEOs are confronted with the key challenge of choosing the right ERP software for their company. Packaged software has become so powerful in recent years that after a thorough customization process it can fulfill the requirements of companies from different industries. However case studies and anecdotal evidence show that in many cases ERP implementation projects are demanding and results do not meet expectations. Companies are often forced to change their business processes because the new software system does not provide the flexibility to be adjusted to the company’s needs. The paradigm of service orientation, on the other hand, promises to break this vicious circle. This leads to the question whether and how ERP vendors are addressing the perceived problems of ERP adaptation possibilities. The topic stimulated an in-depth study of the German-speaking ERP software market. In a qualitative study based on thirty interviews with ERP vendors we draw a picture of the value proposition of future ERP software in the area of process and service orientation.