Health service providers (HSP) in both the private and public health service institutions in Namibia have adopted information and communication technologies (ICT) for health service delivery (HSD). The extent to which ICT are currently being used is, however, not yet fully known. Also unknown are the preferences of the HSPs in the use of different types of ICT applications and hardware. Lastly, the perception of HSPs on various issues on the use of ICT for health service delivery is also unknown. Without a clear understanding of these issues, it is difficult for government to formulate strategies and policies to promote the effective adoption of ICT in the healthcare sector. Patients are also likely to make a sub-optimal use of the available ICT to improve their access to health services in Namibia. A study was conducted to address these unknown points. The study highlights the importance of ICT use by HSPs and the imperative to align the ICT use expectations, needs and requirements of patients with those of HSPs in Namibia to ensure effective use. The results of the experiment are reported in this paper.