Nowadays, online stores are trying to differentiate themselves based on atmospherics, and there are many studies on visual and acoustic elements. However, little attention has been given to background music. On the other hand, literature of consumer behavior, psychology and education has shown that background music influences individuals’ affective responses and cognitive processing. To extend background music effect to online shopping context, this paper presents an on-going project which investigates how e-store background music-induced arousal would affect online consumer search behavior. Drawing insights from social psychology theories (Yerkes-Dodson Law, Distraction-Conflict Theory, and Optimum Stimulation Level Theory), it predicts that music-induced arousal interacts with search task complexity, to influence search performance and search experience. A laboratory experiment is designed to test the research model and hypotheses. This study has the potential to enhance current knowledge about background music effect and provide e-stores owners with guidelines on incorporating new atmospheric elements.