This paper describes the collaborative partnership between European regions with the objective of developing a secure information network for the advancement of healthcare and humanitarian aid work. The basis for the project is the EU i2010 Initiative (European Information Society for Growth and Employment (June 2005)). The aims and objectives of EU i2010 are to ensure that European business, governments and citizens make the best use of ICT in order to improve industrial competitiveness, support growth and the creation of jobs, as well as aiming to address key societal challenges including geographic and social exclusion. The combination of a widely dispersed population, healthcare provision in remote environments, and an overall shortage of medical professionals, are key issues in the delivery of services. The objective is therefore to establish a system to overcome a lack of qualified medical professionals and establish cross-border data transmission to improve patient treatment and optimize existing healthcare resources. The intent is develop a platform application which can then be transferred for the benefit of other healthcare services.