This research in progress paper reports on an exploratory empirical study that aims to identify what ecommerce metrics are commonly included in IT strategies, and to understand the motivations for their inclusion. The results of this study may help IS executives improving their e-commerce planning processes and provide insight in the way that e-commerce performance is currently assessed. A survey instrument has been developed based upon strategic decision making theory. The survey was based on four e-commerce metrics: traffic volume, online sales volume, fulfilment level and site functionality. For each metric, we asked whether the organisation had recently included the metric in their IT strategy. We also asked their opinion on five statements on the metric (motivations to include the metric). The survey has been set out at an online community of 600 IS executives and 6000 online subscribers of an IT magazine. At the time of writing the data collection period was just finished. The paper reports on preliminary regression analysis on the available sample data. Early analysis and interpretation indicates that uncertainty to improve the metric is a significant predictor for metric inclusion, while stakeholder pressure is not.