The Internet is currently conceptualized as a network of information systems, and is intended to deliver and receive primarily computer services. The evolution of the network, however, promises to soon provide not only information but also broadband entertainment and integrated communication services, as strongly implied by the recent AOL/Time Warner merger. The question is whether the Internet is poised to supplant traditional media such as radio, telephone and television, or whether it will simply supplement these entertainment channels. The purpose of this tutorial is to bring together key members of industry and academe to engage the audience in a discussion of the emerging developments in convergent multimedia suggested by AOL's recent merger activity. Dennis Gonier, Senior Vice President of America OnLine, and George Shirk, Editor of Wired News at HotWired, will represent the views of the Internet industry, while noted systems theorists and multimedia researchers Jim Courtney and Janna Poora will represent the academic view on multimedia convergence.