Ethical issues with technology are emerging more frequently as new technologies, widespread access and massive content become prevalent. With zip disks and cracker sites, people can easily copy entire applications that could have cost them thousands of dollars. The developer of the application software has a loss of revenue. However, people often view this as a victimless crime. Particularly students, fail to see the broader implications of software piracy and other ethical issues with technology. Yet, in the Information Systems classroom, the topic of ethics or computer crime is sometimes neglected. In teaching Object Oriented Programming, for example, an instructor might not spend time on discussions about computer copyright laws or liability of computer programs. This paper describes the development of a multimedia ethical situations simulator. The premise is that letting a student face ethical issues in a web-based simulation will better prepare them for situations they may find themselves in at work in the future. The use of multimedia is important in that it is a visual approximation of reality, rather than reading a case or a legal document. The participant sees the event. It makes the student an active role player in a visual scenario and it gives students an opportunity to exercise ethical decision making before they actually are exposed to an ethical dilemma in business. Furthermore, the web based training can educate them further as to the consequences of several actions taken in scenarios related to ethics and technology.