Academic institutions and industry have long sought ways to align their interests and leverage their respective strengths. Academia has looked to external organizations for research funding, curriculum advice, employment opportunities for students, and as partners in field research. Public and private organizations have viewed academic institutions as sources for their educated workforce and research and development partners. A primary objective of this study was to develop a framework of existing IS industry/academic partnership activities that could be used to identify the most common and valuable practices and to share these findings with the IS community. Twenty-two activities were classified into six categories of partnerships: Student-Centered, Faculty- Centered, Curriculum-Centered, Professional/Leadership- Centered, Research-Centered, and Social-Centered. A survey to collect data on the extent and importance of individual activities was developed and piloted with a subset of academics who attended a recent SIM Academic Workshop and were therefore known to be interested in industry partnering. The typology and survey results are presented below.