Undergraduate IS Curricula have been under development since the early 1970's and have resulted in a series of curriculum reports. Initially the DPMA (now AITP) and the ACM organizations produced separate models. Beginning in the early 1990's faculty associated with AITP, ACM and AIS have worked jointly to research and publish reports and curricula for undergraduate programs of Information Systems (Longenecker, et al 1994; Couger et al 1995) culminating in IS’97 (Davis, et al 1997). Survey results of IS faculty regarding the required depth of knowledge for the IS Body of Knowledge, as well as the necessity for achieving specific entry level skills will be presented and discussed. Results of the analysis of Learning Unit composition will be presented and discussed. Revision of the learning units will be identified. Approaches for funding and involvement of IS faculty and Industry professionals will be conducted. Participation will be solicited. Also, a schedule for the update process will be made available.