This abstract describes an interpretive, qualitative study designed to investigate two networks, one a broadband communication network, the other an organizational network. The organizational network is responsible for developing and maintaining the broadband communication network. This broadband network provides community information, messaging, entertain- ment, medical and educational services to a residential neighbourhood. Broadband communication networks are in place in business and residential settings across North America. Although current technologies make it relatively easy to implement broadband networks, this has not always been the case. The development and operation of existing broadband networks has frequently been realized only by means of extensive collaboration and cooperation among a wide variety of public and private sector organizations. In working together these diverse collaborators form an organizational network. Thus the organizational network is not simply a social network enabled by the broadband communication technologies it provides, rather it is an organizational form that serves to coordinate activities among the organizations developing the broadband network. (See Grandori, 1997; Johanson & Mattsson, 1987; Powell, 1990 for discussions of organizational networks of this type.)