ClassCast, an R&D project that provides an interactive environment for distance learning is the major emphasis of this paper. The ClassCast project was initiated to experiment with real-time streaming audio and video technology for Webcasting of live classroom lectures via the Internet. The IUPUI campus has, at present, one classroom which is equipped with the necessary equipment to allow instructors to broadcast course content to distance education students. Students can communicate with the instructor or with fellow students in either a public or private mode via an Interactive Relay Chat [IRC]. The instructor can respond to questions posed by virtual participants using either the IRC or audio mode. The ClassCast framework provides a list of participants for instructor and students alike. Through the inclusion of push technology, in this framework, electronic PowerPoint slides, which have been converted to HTML format, are sent to all ClassCast participants’ workstations. After each live ClassCast session, the lecture session is archived on a RealServer for future reference by the course participants.