There is much interest in applying WWW and Internet technology to learning. This study addresses one important aspect of the web-base learning process: feedback. The way in which feedback is provided to a learner has been found to have a strong impact on learning performance (e.g., Bangert-Downs, et al., 1991). The primary research question in this study is “What impact will an automated feedback mechanism have on learning performance of computer skills?” Based on a review of the literature and theory, it is hypothesized that the feedback mechanism developed for this study will significantly improve learning performance. A longitudinal field experiment is presently being conducted to answer the research question. Research data is being collected from over three hundred students taking an introductory computer skills course. The learning tasks for the study will include a series of microcomputer skill assignments involving such skills as file management, word processing, and spreadsheet development. An automated feedback tool will provide feedback to students. The tool will use a computer program to evaluate student work and prepare a customized report to the student describing the aspects of each student’s work that were not performed correctly.