The global spread of digital communications and automated information systems, and the ever widening dependence on these systems for critical economic, political and military needs, has made the protection of these systems, as well as the ability to attack an enemy’s systems, an important part of military strategy and tactics. Information warfare (IW) has grown into a military specialty which seeks to use information and information systems to gain military advantages over an opponent. The US Army War College has several IW experts on its faculty, but during its annual Strategic Crisis Exercise (SCE) these experts are generally not available to assist students with questions on IW background or response planning since they have other duties during the exercise. In order to make the expertise of its faculty available to all students during each SCE, as well as preserve and expand this expertise as faculty come and go, a research project was established between the War College’s Knowledge Engineering Branch and George Washington University to design and demonstrate an architecture for an on-line expert advisor in Information Warfare. The objective of the IW Advisor was to provide any SCE student or War College faculty member the ability to access the captured knowledge and expertise of IW experts through the college’s private intranet using standard off-the- shelf web browser technology.